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Mission Planning

Our team of dedicated professionals provide critical Mission planning, preparation, training, execution, and logistics in support of both Current and Future Operations.

Key Offerings include:

  • Current Operations (CUOPS)

    • Oversees the planning and execution of current Brigade operations, including multi-discipline intelligence and force protection support. Plans and tracks Brigade’s involvement in worldwide deployments and submits all Brigade operational reports to higher. Represents the Brigade to INSCOM on matters pertaining to operations and operational reports.

  • Future Operations (FUOPS:)

    • Responsible for oversight of the FUOPS division – lead planner and staff officer for all intelligence and Aerial-Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (A-ISR) plans section, system and intelligence architecture, force structure, training development and A-ISR intelligence collection systems and capabilities integration.

  • Mobility and Deployment:   

    • We manage Air and Ground movement and help establish and maintain unit mobility SOPs; develop and maintain contacts with all Combatant Commands  mobility cells, and all CORPS/DIVISION-level mobility cell and LRC for Home Station units.  We track and report the status of all current mobility missions (Air and Ground), and provide guidance and support to units with any mobility questions.  Leverage SMS  and JOPES regularly in support of global deployments.  

  • Training Management:

    • Oversees and manages all aspects of the Brigade training program. Manages the Brigade training strategy (MIT, MET,etc.). Develops annual and quarterly training guidance. Manages the Brigade’s Foundry requirements and budget.

  • BDE Logistics and Supply Chain Operations:

    • Responsible for all forward deployed contract support, as most Intelligence Weapons Teams (IWT) deploy in a minimum manning force posture, the need for contracted housing, phones, vehicles, medical care, embassy, fuel, servicing, and other items all fall on the organization to procure through the Combatant Command's ASCC.​

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